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8-Jan-23 8:10 AM Arctic Foxes Orcas
8-Jan-23 9:05 AM Polar Bears Leopard Seals
15-Jan-23 8:10 AM Orcas Leopard Seals
15-Jan-23 9:05 AM Arctic Foxes Polar Bears
22-Jan-23 8:10 AM Leopard Seals Arctic Foxes
22-Jan-23 9:05 AM Polar Bears Orcas
29-Jan-23 8:10 AM Orcas Leopard Seals
29-Jan-23 9:05 AM Arctic Foxes Polar Bears
5-Feb-23 8:10 AM Polar Bears Arctic Foxes
5-Feb-23 9:05 AM Leopard Seals Orcas
12-Feb-19 8:10 AM Sticks in  
12-Feb-19 9:05 AM Sticks in  
19-Feb-23 8:10 AM Arctic Foxes Leopard Seals
19-Feb-23 9:05 AM Orcas Polar Bears
26-Feb-23 8:10 AM Polar Bears Leopard Seals
26-Feb-23 9:05 AM Arctic Foxes Orcas
5-Mar-23 8:10 AM Orcas Arctic Foxes
5-Mar-23 9:05 AM Leopard Seals Polar Bears
12-Mar-23 8:10 AM Polar Bears Orcas
12-Mar-23 9:05 AM Leopard Seals Arctic Foxes


The "Fastest Game on Two Feet" continues to evolve and become faster! MN 6 combines the creativity and the play in tighter spaces required in box lacrosse and the eloquence of the field game. Less specialization, fast-paced, on-the-fly action.  

Players  should be prepared for a fast-paced tempo playing both offense and defense emphasizing  transitions and the importance of small space play.  

  • Smaller fields 
  • Smaller rosters 
  • Faster Play
  • Less specialization


By Design



Sixes fields are 1/3 the size of a traditional lacrosse field.. A smaller field means MORE! MORE action, MORE reps , MORE lacrosse.


From smaller fields, smaller rosters to the two-way play of the game,  designed to push a  faster tempo and creativity! Players will touch the ball more, meaning more shots, more dodges, more defense and more saves.

Events / Registrations


MN 6  will hosts leagues and tournaments for Youth through Varsity Boys and Girls.


Current Registrations:

MN 6 - Boys Youth Winter League (2030, 2029, 2028 players)


Sundays Jan. 8th through Mar. 12th

Game times
8:10 AM
8:45 AM
9:20 AM

SeaFoam Stadium Dome
281 Hamline Ave N
St Paul, MN 55104

Cost: $65

(Teammate requests accepted)


Registrations Coming Soon:

MN 6 - HS Boys League  (2023 - 2027 players)

MN 6 - HS Girls League  (2023 - 2027 players)

The Registration "MN 6 - Sixes Lacrosse" is not currently available.